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Summer Special: 60's Vintage Diver Shootout Part 1Ah summertime, it's finally officially here despite the fact that it's been seriously hot throughout the vast majority of northern Europe the past couple of months. With Summer comes vacations which of course means the majority of us will make our way on the beach or at best a refreshing pool. And just what watch to make use of? Natural fact is a dive watch, that casual genre of timepiece that will handle the river just as easily because condensation dripping in the glass of an poolside cocktail. But say you're real vintage nut and also the considered wearing the identical newer (read: watertight) diver for 1,Weeks back to back sounds mundane, we then get some suggestions. In the present article, we'll return 50 approximately years, so apologies beforehand, they just don't give up. But, hey, nobody spends money like if they are on christmas. Thank you for visiting the 60's vintage diver shootout featuring Rolex, Omega, Seiko and Doxa, a two-part article focused, first, on the facts and, second, on our thoughts about these fantastic replica watches.We've discussed the 60's as being the golden era for diving it comes with the pastime became more frequent. There have been scads of brands stepping into the action of making some form of dive-ready watch looking back, some were more of an action than others. Many brands didn't survive and some now look comically unsafe to believe while seeking to time a dive. Needless to say, there have been various amounts of dive watch, but today's 60's vintage diver shootout focuses on pieces more apt for your professional, or at least for the purpose of somebody who planned to utilize them frequently under the surface. As well as these are generally all classic collectibles, it's now suitable for the crooks to betray their tool intentions and also to appear with a long-sleeved shirt. Needless to say, putting them on with the favorite Hawaiian shirt will act as well.The ContendersFor our 60's vintage diver shootout, I picked four replica watches that, to me, define the feel of divers with the middle to later part of the decade. Two are obvious choices as you move the remaining two certainly are a much more eccentric. More frankly, your choices of an Rolex and an Omega are straightforward: selecting a Seiko as well as a Doxa perhaps less so. Until a few a long time ago, the Seiko and Doxa might have been valeting cars at a party held by Rolex and Omega, but a serious amounts of deeper desire for these brands have served to improve opinion. breitling watch price Plus, and also this is true of all brands, it can help that every of those replica watches have got a modern counterpart. Let's meet with the contenders .The Doxa SUB 300 SearamblerIf you read Fratello Watches somewhat regularly, you happen to be no stranger for the Doxa SUB. It's really a watch that makes sense for your 60's vintage diver shootout as it was groundbreaking due to the time design-wise, rolling around in its functionality, it comes with one Jacques Cousteau had some involvement while using brand (ok, he was involved with almost every brand). Doxa would be a key reason for the helium release valve (HRV) invention alongside Rolex and their introduction associated with an orange-dialed diver shook inside the establishment. For today's comparison, we've got the earliest on the SUBs and that is a so-called "No T" dial with a skinny case. This lovely piece was developed for exactly one full year, 1966, before it was substituted for a similar but less svelte design. Doxa made the aforementioned orange dial version, the Professional, a black variant, the Sharkhunter, this also silver edition, the Searambler.This Searambler has been through its paces and will be familiar to many who're active on Instagram. Even though I received it somewhat recently, I transferred buying this very watch almost three(!!) years back. The main hands are already relumed, I touched in the orange bits on the bezel, the crystal and crown aren't original and someone saw fit to polish the way it is nicely but wrongly - there mustn't be any sunburst finishing or perhaps a beveled edge.Furthermore, the case back appears if a person ran a reamer throughout the logo and, thus, the serial number is fully gone. Yikes! Normally, I'd run, not walk, faraway from a watch with these flaws, but they're tough to find in original condition as numerous were worn because of their intended purpose. It's a survivor now it's my survivor.Specs:5mm diameter stainless case, 44.5mm lug to lug, 20mm lug width, 12.5mm thickness300M water proofing, acrylic crystalDoxa 118 caliber (ETA 2472) automatic, non-hacking, 21J, 18,000 bph, 42-hour power reserve. Non-quickset date, but toggling between 10:30pm and 12:00 changes the date.Current alternatives: any current Doxa SUB or even the 2016 50th Anniversary limited pieces (had sell outs, but that you can purchase) or even the 2017 Limited Edition Black Lung (also, out of stock)The Omega Seamaster 300 166.024 Next up in your 60's vintage diver shootout is the legendary 2nd generation Omega Seamaster 300 reference 166.024. This model has been around since 1967 with its "big triangle" at 12:00. It was made until roughly 1970 of course this example dates to 1968. That is a highly collectible watch this is a real bear to get in original condition. Variants with and without date (165.024) exist with differing hands, dials and crowns through the entire production run.The piece the thing is here is in nice shape, but I'd estimate that the "big triangle" saw a bit of a touch-up a long time ago. Everything with this watch irradiates evenly within a black light and fades out as well, so perhaps tritium was used when it was altered. Also, light background date wheel is at question, but Omega brochures show this variant is made eventually.Specs:42mm diameter stainless case, 47.5mm lug to lug, 20mm lug width, 14.5mm thickness200M water resistance, acrylic crystalOmega 565 caliber automatic movement, non-hacking, 24J, 19,800 bph, 50-hour power reserve. Quickset date.Modern day alternatives: Omega Seamaster 300 (much more like the 1st generation 300) and the Omega Seamaster Planet OceanThe Rolex Submariner 1680A 60's vintage diver shootout would not be complete with no Rolex Submariner websites as bad the date feature around the entire combatants; we figured a Sub Date was appropriate. The earliest of those, whenever we forget about the Double Red Sea Dweller, may be the 1680 "Red" Submariner.Introduced in 1969 and created in this guise until roughly 1973, that is among the more iconic and collectible models in the marque. We reviewed this watch on #TBT recently also it continues to be a common option for my wrist. This piece originates from 1970 and is also original as well as only "flaw" is really a missing lume within the lollipop from the sweep seconds hand.Specs:40mm diameter stainless case, 47mm lug to lug, 20mm lug width, 14. watches 3mm thickness200M water resistance, acrylic crystalRolex 1575 caliber automatic movement, non-hacking (until 1972), 25J, 19,800 bph, 48-hour power reserve. Non-quickset date.Modern day alternatives: Rolex Submariner Date 116610 in either green or blackThe Seiko 300M Professional 6159-7001The absolute dark horse inside our 60's vintage diver shootout comes via a favorite brands: Seiko. Together with the 6159-7001, we get to take a look at Seiko's 2nd Professional diver (the 1st was the visually identical 6215 made for 1 year in 1967) stated in 1968 and 1969. Once we get into the main points, we'll note that this watch is feature-rich, but it really was famously or, rather, infamously this model that caused Seiko to look at a period of time out from producing deep divers in order to enjoy the Seiko 6159 Tuna that debuted in 1975. The 6159-7001, it seems like, wasn't flawless, however it is still worth consideration inside our eyes.This model from 1969 contains one change which is a "Resist" dial that is certainly commonly often considered as an email finder service dial that will happen to be designed for production had the brand continued for it watch after naming laws changed in mid-1970. Strangely, despite a so-called "service" dial, some Seiko diehards seek this out to supplement their collections.Specs:~43.8mm diameter stainless monobloc case, 50mm lug to lug, 19mm lug width, 15.4mm thickness300M water proof, Hardlex mineral crystalSeiko 6159 caliber automatic movement, hacking, 25J, 36,000 bph, 46-hour power reserve. Quickset date.Current day alternatives: Seiko SLA025 unique 6159 reissue along with the "discontinued" Seiko Marinemaster 300 SBDX017A quick comparison with the specs shows some similarities, but, remember, it's the details that count. Water resistances differ as the pieces may be with a rating of 200 or 300M and thus complete the movements. There exists a assortment of movement frequencies an incident styles likewise.Which piece will end up claiming victory in the 60's vintage diver shootout and will there be considered a clear winner? Will it be derived from one of of the predictable and traditional brands or from your relative upstart? omega replica watch Stay tuned as we'll return in the so often with your impressions and thoughts.Update: Here's the other part of this shootout!