“IMD technologies” is a start-up biotech company, established in 2012 and based on the premises of Vilnius University. “IMD technologies” is R&D performing SME with main competences in biocatalysis, enzyme technologies and biopolymers.


„IMD technologies“ is developing biocatalysts with novel activities by the three most common ways:

  • Screening for enzymes (environmental samples, enzyme and strain collections, metagenomic and expression databases, etc.);
  • Development of biocatalyst (gene engineering, development of analytical systems, etc);
  • Application of biocatalyst (immobilization, recycling, proof of principal, activity/selectivity, stability, reaction media, etc.).


The goal of “IMD technologies” is to fulfill industrial need to replace the conventional (chemical) methodologies with green alternatives by offering cheap enzymes and designed enzymatic technologies.


Company has a professional and experienced team, which has a long term experience in biotechnology field, including participation in various international and national R&D projects (FP7, BSR, High-tech development programme, Industrial biotechnology development programme and etc.).